Repair of Opel Corsa C, from 2000 to 2005 of release.
1. Operation and car maintenance
1.1. Car description
1.2. Keys, locks of the doors, opening elements of a body
1.3. Governing bodies, combination of devices, light and sound alarm system
1.4. Seats
1.5. System of passive safety
1.6. Heating and air conditioning
1.7. Driving and car service
1.7.1. Start-up of the petrol engine
1.7.2. Start-up of the diesel engine
1.7.3. Parking brake
1.7.4. Car parking
1.7.5. Mechanical transmission
1.7.6. Easytronic transmission
1.7.7. Car driving with an automatic transmission
1.7.8. Councils to the driver
1.7.9. Engine start-up by means of an auxiliary starting cable
1.7.10. Towage of other car
1.7.11. Spare wheel (Corsa)
1.7.12. Jack and automobile tool (Corsa)
1.7.13. Wheel replacement
1.7.14. Electric equipment
1.7.15. Maintenance and inspection system
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body
9. Electric equipment schemes

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1.7.15. Maintenance and inspection system

For safety of operation of the car and traffic, and also maintenance of a good condition of the car it is important to carry out works on maintenance through ustanovlennyefirmy Opel time intervals.
Periodicity of replacement of oil and servicing is established flexibly on the basis of many parameters and depending on service conditions. For this purpose various characteristics of the engine constantly are defined and on them the run of the car remaining before the following servicing pays off.
It is possible to look at the remained run of the car on the speedometer index at the switched-off ignition and the gone-out index of run. Press and hold about 2 sustanovochny button of the counter of run, the inscription of "InsP" and value of the remained run of the car will thus be displayed.
When remaining run becomes less, than 1500 km, after inclusion and ignition switching off on the display appear «InsP» inscription with remained run of 1000 km. At the remained run less than 500 km the inscription of "InsP" will appear for some seconds: within one week or run of 500 km it is necessary to perform planned works on servicing. To avoid guarantee loss, follows address on station of a technical obluzhivaniye.
The idle time periods at which plugs of the accumulator of the car are disconnected, are considered by indication of intervals of service.
Additional information on maintenance and inspection system can be found in the service booklet which is in a forward ware box.
Works on servicing, also as well as repair work of a body and units, should be carried out only by qualified personnel.

Separate service on anticorrosive protection
It is necessary to carry out annually, within annual checkup or separately, see the service booklet. to exclude possibility of loss of a guarantee of anticorrosive protection.

In order to avoid receiving traumas from the cables being energized of ignition, and rotating details all control operations in motor office (for example, control of level of brake liquid or oil in the engine) follows carry out only at the switched-off ignition.

As the cooling fan copes a temperature regulator, its inclusion even is possible at the switched-off ignition, danger of receiving a trauma.
Electronic systems of ignition work with very high capacity of the category.
It is not recommended to carry out independently any works on repair, adjustment and car maintenance. It in particular belongs to works on the engine and a running gear, and also on details of system of safety. On ignorance it is possible to break legislative instructions and incompetent actions to draw danger upon itself and others.

Control and having added liquids
For simplification of search of a stopper of refueling mouths for the engine oil, the cooling liquid washing liquids, and also the handle of an oil meter are painted in yellow color.

Engine oil
Data on engine oils are given in the service booklet.

Level of engine oil, consumption of engine oil
For technical reasons each engine consumes oil. To estimate a consumption of oil it is possible only after rather big run, thus in an initial stage (at a stage extra earnings) level of an expense can exceed the value specified in documentation. Frequent driving on the raised turns of the engine leads to the raised consumption of oil.
On cars with the monitoring system of level of engine oil level of oil is supervised automatically. Before a long trip it is recommended to check oil level.

Control of level of engine oil, having added engine oil
In drawings control is shown and having added oils for various carburetor and diesel engines.
Control to make only at horizontally standing car and the switched-off, heated-up engine. Before check wait for at least 5 mines, that the oil being in a collector, glass in an oil bath.
For check of level of oil insert the wiped oil meter to a persistent surface on the handle. To drink up, if level of oil fell to area of a mark of refueling of "MIN".
Level of oil should not exceed the top mark oil meter "MOVE". The poured oil is necessary for merging or pumping out. If level of oil exceeds a mark "MOVE", there is a danger of damage of the engine or the catalyst.
It is necessary to add oil of the same brand which was used at the previous replacement of oil, observing instructions given in the service booklet.

Replacement of oil and oil filter
Carry out oil change depending on indication of intervals of service.
It is recommended to use the original oil filter of Opel firm.
Do not throw out fulfilled oil filters and empty jars from under oil in a household waste. It is recommended to charge replacement of oil and oil filters to the partner of Opel firm.

Diesel fuel filter
At each replacement of engine oil проверйте the fuel filter on possible existence of the remains of water.
Under the complicated service conditions, for example, at the increased humidity (mainly on the coast), very high or low external temperatures, and also at strong temperature drops day and night it is necessary to check the filter through shorter periods.

Cooling liquid
In operating time the system is under an elevated pressure. Therefore the temperature can quickly rise above 100 °C.
Cooling liquid on the basis of glycol provides fine protection against corrosion of systems of cooling and heating, and also protection against freezing to–28 °C. It all-the-year-round is in system of cooling and does not need replacement.
There are the antifreezes which use can lead to engine damage. Therefore it is recommended to use the antifreeze allowed by Opel firm if necessary.

Antifreeze is unhealthy, therefore store it only in original packing and protect from children.

Protection against freezing and anticorrosive protection
Before the beginning of the winter period check concentration of cooling liquid. The content of antifreeze in a radiator should provide protection against freezing approximately to–28 °C. Too low concentration of antifreeze worsens protection against freezing and corrosion. If necessary add antifreeze.
In case of loss of cooling liquid add water, check concentration of antifreeze and if necessary add antifreeze.

Level of cooling liquid
At the closed system of cooling of loss practically are absent. Therefore having added cooling liquid it is necessary very seldom.
Level of cooling liquid at cold system of cooling should be in a compensating tank a little above «KALT/COLD» mark. At heated-up to working temperature the engine level rises, and when cooling again decreases. If thus it falls below a mark, it is necessary to add cooling liquid a little above it.
Before opening of a stopper let's cool down to the engine. Carefully open a stopper that superfluous pressure slowly fell, otherwise there is a danger of burns.
Add antifreeze. In the absence of antifreeze fill with pure drinking water or the distilled water as substitute.
After filling by the drinking or distilled water check concentration of antifreeze and if necessary add antifreeze. Eliminate the reason of loss of cooling liquid.
Stopper when closing screw against the stop.

Temperature of cooling liquid
Indication of temperature of cooling liquid for the physical reasons is made only at sufficient level of cooling liquid.
In operating time the system is under an elevated pressure. Therefore the temperature can rise above 100 °C.
At temperature indication in a red zone immediately check level of cooling liquid.
If level of cooling liquid the too low: add cooling liquid.
If level of cooling liquid in norm: eliminate the temperature increase reason. Address for the help on car repair shop.

Brake liquid
Brake liquid is hygroscopic, t. е it absorbs moisture. Because of strong heating when braking, for example, on extended descent, vials of steam can be formed, which can considerably (depending on the content of water) to worsen efficiency of braking.
Therefore it is necessary to observe the intervals of replacement specified in the service booklet.

Screen wipers
Regularly check overall performance of screen wipers and the device of washing of headlights. It is recommended to replace brushes of screen wipers not less than once a year.
At pollution of glasses before inclusion of screen wipers or devices of automatic control of screen wipers with the rain sensor in the beginning use the device of washing of glasses to prevent wear of brushes of screen wipers.
Do not include screen wipers or the device of automatic control of screen wipers with the rain sensor at the iced-over glasses as brushes or a control system can be damaged.
It is recommended to separate the frozen screen wipers by means of defreezing spray.
The polluted brushes can be cleared by a soft fabric with application of washing and antifrizny means.
With the brushes which have hardened, cracked or covered with silicone it is necessary to replace screen wipers. It can be necessary after damage at the expense of action of ice, salt, is warm or after misuse of means on leaving.
Screen wipers or automatic control unit screen wipers with the rain sensor in car washes are necessary for switching off.
To provide trouble-free functioning of the sensor of a rain, the window of the sensor should be free from a dust, dirt and ice for what it is necessary to turn on periodically the device of washing of glass or to delete ice from a sensor window. Cars with the sensor of a rain differ a sensor window from above on a windscreen.

Replacement of a brush of screen wipers on a windscreen
Raise a screen wiper shoulder. Risfiksiruyte the lever also separate a screen wiper brush.

Replacement of a brush of a screen wiper on back glass
Raise a screen wiper shoulder. Risfiksiruyte also remove a screen wiper, as is shown in drawing.

Device of washing of glasses, device of washing of headlights
The tank of the device of washing of glasses and the device of washing of back glass is located in motor office from the driver.
In cars with the device of washing of headlights the refueling mouth is in motor office behind the right headlight.
Fill in only pure water that nozzles did not get littered. To increase efficiency of cleaning, it is recommended add a small amount of washing and antifrizny means.
When closing tank strong press on perimeter on cover regions.

The accumulator does not need servicing.
As a result of installation of the additional electric and electronic equipment load of the accumulator which will be quicker discharged can raise. It is recommended to consult with the partner of Opel firm concerning technical possibilities, for example, accumulator installations with bigger capacity.

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