Repair of Opel Corsa C, from 2000 to 2005 of release.
1. Operation and car maintenance
1.1. Car description
1.2. Keys, locks of the doors, opening elements of a body
1.2.1. Keys
1.2.2. Management of locks of doors by means of a key in the lock of a door of the driver
1.2.3. Sliding doors (Combo)
1.2.4. Back door (Limousine, Combo)
1.2.5. The centralized locking of a luggage carrier
1.2.6. Raspashnye of a door (Combo)
1.2.7. Device of the anticreeping alarm system
1.2.8. Cowl
1.2.9. Window regulators
1.2.10. A sliding roof with the electric drive
1.2.11. A harmonious sliding roof with the electric drive (Limousine)
1.2.12. A harmonious sliding roof with the electric drive (Combo)
1.3. Governing bodies, combination of devices, light and sound alarm system
1.4. Seats
1.5. System of passive safety
1.6. Heating and air conditioning
1.7. Driving and car service
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body
9. Electric equipment schemes



1.2.8. Cowl

Pull the handle of unlocking of a cowl from the driver under a guard of devices. The cowl opens and is slightly slightly opened. Press the handle in a starting position.
Approximately at palm distance to the right of the cowl center – if to look in front – from the bottom party of a cowl there is a lock hook: pull and open a cowl.

Dirt or the snow being on a cowl, when opening can fall to a windshield and litter an air inlet.

For cowl fixing in open situation insert the support located across a radiator into a longitudinal groove with нижньй the cowl parties.
Before closing densely press a support in the holder. Let's fall to a cowl to the lock.
Check cowl fixing, having pulled it for a first line. If the cowl is not fixed, repeat the previous operation.

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1.2.7. Device of the anticreeping alarm system
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1.2.9. Window regulators