Repair of Opel Corsa C, from 2000 to 2005 of release.
1. Operation and car maintenance
1.1. Car description
1.2. Keys, locks of the doors, opening elements of a body
1.3. Governing bodies, combination of devices, light and sound alarm system
1.3.1. Light and sound signaling devices
1.3.2. Dashboard
1.3.3. Information display
1.3.4. Podrulevye switches
1.3.5. Emergency light signal
1.3.6. Giving of a sound signal
1.3.7. Screen wipers
1.3.8. Turning on of the device of washing of glasses and headlights
1.3.9. Management of a screen wiper of back glass and device of washing of back glass
1.3.10. Management of informatsionnorazvlekatelny system
1.3.11. Active head restraints
1.3.12. Parking pilot
1.3.13. «ECO Service-Flex»
1.3.14. Lighter
1.3.15. The socket for additional accessories
1.3.16. Ashtrays
1.3.17. Forward ware box
1.3.18. A compartment for points
1.3.19. The holder for small subjects
1.3.20. Sun-protection peaks
1.3.21. External rear-view mirrors
1.3.22. Automatically blacking out internal mirror
1.3.23. Lighting
1.4. Seats
1.5. System of passive safety
1.6. Heating and air conditioning
1.7. Driving and car service
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body
9. Electric equipment schemes

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1.3.23. Lighting

External lighting
: provision of switching off.
: situation «lay fire».
: situation «a passing, driving beam»
In provisions and also back fires and illumination of registration plate join.

Execution with a daylight of headlights
At the included ignition and position of the switch of light the passing beam without illumination of devices joins.

Regulation of a tilt angle of headlights
Establish one of four values of a tilt angle of headlights at the included passing beam depending on loading of the car and turn a regulator in the necessary situation.
At the correct installation dazzle of drivers of counter cars decreases.

Automatic adjustment of a tilt angle of headlights
Regulates a tilt angle of headlights on cars with system of xenon headlights.

Fog lights
Management of inclusion and switching off of fog lights is carried out by means of the corresponding keys.
Back fog lights on the car when driving with the trailer are disconnected.
Headlights of a backing burn at the included ignition and switching on a backing.

Function «Way home illumination»
For way home illumination the passing beam burns during 30 with the ambassador of closing of a door of the driver.
The sequence of an otlyucheniye of function is given below.
1. Switch off ignition.
2. Take out a key from the ignition lock.
3. Open a door of the driver.
4. Pull the lever of the index of turn to a steering wheel.
If the door of the driver is not closed, light in two minutes dies away.
At key insertion in the lock of ignition or repeated pulling of the lever of the index of turn to a steering wheel function «Way home illumination» is disconnected ahead of schedule.

Illumination of salon
R opening of one of doors. After closing switching off occurs to a delay or, respectively, at ignition inclusion.
Continuous burning: press light switch; press repeatedly to switch off.

Illumination of a guard of devices
Burns together with external lighting. Brightness is adjusted by a regulator with a nakatka.
Illumination of the information display burns at the included ignition or information and entertaining system. Brightness is adjusted by a regulator at the included lighting.

Lamps for reading in front
Join and switched off by the corresponding keys located on the lamp case.

Lamps of illumination of salon behind
Join and switched off by the corresponding key of the lamp located on the case.
Illumination of a luggage carrier or luggage compartment burns at an open door of a back.

Protection of the accumulator
Some consumers of the electric power, for example, internal lighting, are disconnected approximately through 30 mines for protection of the accumulator against a discharge at the switched-off ignition.

Caps of lamps
Under adverse conditions, in cold and crude weather, at a heavy rain or after a wash of the car internal surfaces of lamps can mist over. Zapotevaniye disappears soon by itself, for acceleration it is possible to include lighting.

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1.3.22. Automatically blacking out internal mirror
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1.4. Seats