Dashboard. Opel Corsa C (from 2000 to 2005 of release)
Repair of Opel Corsa C, from 2000 to 2005 of release.
1. Operation and car maintenance
1.1. Car description
1.2. Keys, locks of the doors, opening elements of a body
1.3. Governing bodies, combination of devices, light and sound alarm system
1.3.1. Light and sound signaling devices
1.3.2. Dashboard
1.3.3. Information display
1.3.4. Podrulevye switches
1.3.5. Emergency light signal
1.3.6. Giving of a sound signal
1.3.7. Screen wipers
1.3.8. Turning on of the device of washing of glasses and headlights
1.3.9. Management of a screen wiper of back glass and device of washing of back glass
1.3.10. Management of informatsionnorazvlekatelny system
1.3.11. Active head restraints
1.3.12. Parking pilot
1.3.13. «ECO Service-Flex»
1.3.14. Lighter
1.3.15. The socket for additional accessories
1.3.16. Ashtrays
1.3.17. Forward ware box
1.3.18. A compartment for points
1.3.19. The holder for small subjects
1.3.20. Sun-protection peaks
1.3.21. External rear-view mirrors
1.3.22. Automatically blacking out internal mirror
1.3.23. Lighting
1.4. Seats
1.5. System of passive safety
1.6. Heating and air conditioning
1.7. Driving and car service
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body
9. Electric equipment schemes


1.3.2. Dashboard

Transmission indicator
Indication displays position of the lever of the selector of an automatic transmission or the included transfer and an operating mode on Easytronic transmission.

Induces number of turns of the engine.
Precautionary field (red zone): testifies that the maximum admissible number of turns is exceeded.

Induces speed of movement of the car.

Run counter
Induces number of the passable kilometers.
At the switched-off ignition after short-term pressing of the adjusting button (see drawing) in a current about 15 споказывается run in kilometers.

Counter of daily run
The counter is established on a zero by pressing of the adjusting button at the included ignition and active indication of daily run.

Cars with hours in the run counter
For zeroing of the counter hold the adjusting button in the pressed situation during about 2 with at the included ignition and active indication of daily run.
For switching between indication of daily run and time quickly press the adjusting button.

Time indication on the run counter
For switching between indication of daily run and time quickly press the adjusting button.
Brightness of indication is regulated at included light by the right regulator with a nakatka 0 under the lighting switch.

Time installation
At indication of time involve the adjusting button on the device: hold pressed during about 2 with, the indication of hours thus blinks. Quickly press, establish the indication of hours, press during about 2 pages. After that the indication of minutes blinks, quickly press and establish the indication of minutes, press during about 2 with then hours are started.

Indication of temperature of cooling liquid
Indication of temperature of cooling liquid for the physical reasons is made only at sufficient level of cooling liquid.
In engine operating time the system is under an elevated pressure. Therefore the temperature can quickly rise above 100 °C.

Index of the rest of fuel
Driving to an empty tank is strictly forbidden.
Owing to existence of the remains of fuel in a tank the filled volume of fuel can be less than the specified nominal capacity of a fuel tank.

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1.3.3. Information display